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CP-Plus 3+1 180 Mtr CCTV Cable

  • 180 meter Coaxial wire Perfectly made for CCTV Cameras, Easy application, Durable cable
  • Material: Solid Bare Copper. Diameter: 0.81mm, Overall Diameter: 9.50mm Approx
  • 1st Shield: Bonded Aluminium Tap, 2nd Shield: Aluminium Alloy Braid
  • Bending Radius: 65mm Min.Conductor: 16 x 0.20mm CCA
  • Insulation: PVC, Type A, Jacket(Overall): PVC Type 1.8mm
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CP-Plus 3+1 90 Mtr CCTV Cable

  • MaterialSolid Bare Copper
  • least interference
  • stamped measurement
  • multi layer desine
  • high density coaxial shield
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