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LG MONITR 27MR400-B.ATRQ  IPS panel for accurate colors and wide viewing angles. It supports AMD FreeSync for smooth gaming, HDR10 for enhanced visuals, and includes multiple connectivity options such as HDMI and DisplayPort. Designed for home and office use, it offers a sleek, modern design with adjustable tilt stand and VESA mount compatibility. Ideal for everyday tasks, casual gaming, and multimedia consumption.


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Display Specifications -Panel Type : IPS (In-Plane Switching), known for better color accuracy and wider viewing angles compared to TN panels.
Brightness : Typically around 250-300 cd/m², which is suitable for most indoor lighting conditions.
Color Gamut : Covers a standard sRGB color gamut, providing good color reproduction for everyday use and light content creation tasks.
HDR Support : It may have HDR compatibility, though usually at a basic level (HDR10 support), enhancing contrast and color for supported content.

Performance and Features :
Refresh Rate : Normally 60Hz, suitable for general computing and multimedia consumption.
Response Time ; Around 5ms (gray-to-gray), adequate for casual gaming and video playback without noticeable ghosting.
daptive Sync : Supports AMD FreeSync technology, providing tear-free gaming experiences when paired with compatible AMD graphics cards.
Flicker Safe Technology  Reduces flickering to help minimize eye strain during prolonged use.
Reader Mode : Enhances comfort during extended reading sessions by reducing blue light emissions.

Design and Connectivity :
Design : Typically features a modern and slim design with thin bezels, suitable for multi-monitor setups.
Stand : Offers basic tilt adjustment for ergonomic viewing angles.
Connectivity : Includes ports like HDMI (often multiple ports), DisplayPort, and sometimes VGA for legacy devices. Audio input/output jacks may also be present.

Additional Features-
On-Screen Control : Allows for easy screen settings adjustment via software.
Wall Mountable : VESA mount compatibility (usually 100x100mm) for mounting on stands or monitor arms.
Energy Efficiency : Designed to meet modern energy efficiency standards, helping to reduce power consumption.

Usage Scenarios:
Ideal for home and office use, providing crisp visuals and good color accuracy for everyday tasks.
Suitable for casual gaming due to its decent refresh rate and response time, though serious gamers might prefer higher refresh rates and faster response times found in gaming-specific monitors.
Supports multimedia consumption with its Full HD resolution and IPS panel characteristics.

Price and Availability
– Pricing varies by region and retailer, typically falling into the mid-range category for monitors.
– Availability may depend on the market and current stock levels.



  • Screen Size: 27 inches
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Color Gamut sRGB (typical)
  • Brightness: Around 250-300 cd/m²
  • Contrast Ratio:1000:1 (static)
  • Response Time: 5ms (Gray-to-Gray)
  • Refresh Rate60Hz

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